The evening and morning Agnihotra mantras each contain the term Prajapataye *. That is: “to the Prajapati”. An Indian named Chellappa sought in his religion who is this deity. Prajapati means “Lord of Men” and is also mentioned under the epithet Purusha.

Chellappa succeeded in detecting ten out of these properties in the Vedic literature (Rig Veda, Upanishads and various Brahmanas). As it turned out, these were consistent with the life of Jesus Christ.

Reference was made to the Crown of Thorns, the Crucifixion and the circumstances of Jesus' life and sacrificial death.

10 properties of Prajapati when he is visiting the world as Purusha - as discovered by Sadhu Chellappa:

  1. … He will be niskalanga Purusha, a sinless man.
  2. He will be separated from his family.
  3. His own people will reject him.
  4. One will put a thorny plant on his head.
  5. He is tied to a tree that looks like a trishul, a kind of spear with three points.
  6. Blood will flow from his body.
  7. He will die, but his bones remain unbroken.
  8. He will return to life.
  9. His flesh shall be offered to the sons of God as food.
  10. All kinds of people will form his body.


Chellappa wrote down the comparisons between the Vedas and the Bible, quoting the exact passages that were very similar. (

This explains why Jesus Christ spoke before his crucifixion:

“The scriptures must be fulfilled.”

These words - either in the singular (scripture) or in the plural (scriptures) - are mentioned in several passages by 3 of the 4 evangelists (Matthew 26:25-56, Mark 14:21, 14:49, John 13:18, 17:12, 19:36 and 20:9). However, neither in the books of Moses nor in later texts of the Old Testament prophets (e.g., Isaiah 7:14, 53, Micah 5:1), there are as detailed references to Jesus' life and death as in the Vedic Scriptures. Thus, there is not only a link between the Old Testament Scriptures and the New Testament but also between the Vedas and the life of Jesus.

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