How to participate

In 30 years of daily fire practice, work in the fields and joyful community, we have created a powerful place full of light and love that radiate far beyond the borders of Homa-Hof. We are about 50 members of the Homa-Hof Heiligenberg e.V. and it is our concern to contribute to the regeneration of our environment and to share the knowledge of the helpful Homa-fire with others.

If you like to visit us and participate, to help or do an internship, to become a member or to contribute to the spreading, we are very happy about it. We have listed various options below.

If you have any questions or you want to make an arrangement, please contact us by mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone. +49 (0)7552 938760.


There is a large range of suitable activities and we are looking forward to your assistance -- by the hour or even for several days. This can be done in field and tree care, in construction and renovation activities, cow dung drying, in the office, with professional translations into different languages, the practice of longer lasting Homa fires (yajnyas) and much more. Help is always a good opportunity to increase your Homa knowledge. Please contact us.

Regularly, we enjoy larger activities together, such as field maintenance or longer yajnyas at full moon and new moon. Please see our schedule.

Internship, volunteering

If you are interested in learning more about the Homa agriculture and you want to get a deeper insight in the Fivefold Path and our community, we recommend an internship at the Homa-Hof. You can spend the night for free in one of the caravans, where there is also a cooking facility. Reports from and about interns can be found in our magazine Agnihotra Aktuell-Issues # 4 and # 5 (German).

Currently the volunteer members cannot look after the Homa-Hof around the clock. For closer arrangements on your coming please contact us.


Would you like to be informed about news, research, etc.? Depending on the event, we send you a "newsletter" several times a year. If you are interested, you can sign up for it here.

Associate Member

Anyone who supports the Homa-Hof occasionally or regularly with help and / or financial support can become an associate member. As associate members, you will receive information about planned activities, Homa news, etc. via e-mail. We look forward to each new member because it shows us that the Homa family is growing. Here you will find an application for associate membership.

Active member

We cordially invite you to become part of our community. We members live in the near or far vicinity of the farm and provide our own livelihood. The activities at the farm take place selflessly in our spare time - as much as anyone wants, and where you want or where there is need at the moment. The Homa-Hof is interdenominational and universal, a wonderful place to practice charity, to help others and to help nature - to give meaning to life. An article on how we live the community can be found in our magazine Agnihotra Aktuell Nr. 7 und in dem Buch von Birgitt Heigl Der Schauspieler in Seinem Dienst.

Promotion of Agnihotra

Do you want to share your experiences of Agnihotra with others? We offer you an Agnihotra tutorial (pdf) and an info flyer. For distribution, you can also request both flyers in printed form.

Maybe you can arrange an event in your area? Will you have an opportunity to organize a lecture about Agnihotra or an Agnihotra workshop in your area? We appreciate your support.

If you want to pass on Agnihotra yourself, please be careful not to change anything by your own ideas or "inspirations". Agnihotra has scientifically proven effects - every change is a loss.


Do you speak and write a foreign language fluently? We look forward to help with translations - even with shorter texts, such as the instructions for performing Agnihotra. If you click on the different language flags, you will see that there are already some translations available.


The Homa-Hof is a place where you can learn Agnihotra in its original unchanged form. We invite you to see, feel and experience the wonderful effects.

For the increasing number of visitors we urgently need a large seminar room. Our present improvised solutions in tent and barn are only suitable in good weather. Therefore, we are planning to rebuild our small barn and to construct a seminar room, some bed rooms for free accommodation, and sanitary facilities. However, we still lack the financial basis for this.

As we want to pass on Agnihotra for free, also in the future, we depend on donations. On request we send a certificate from the Homa-Hof Heiligenbeg e.V.


Support the Homa-Hof Heiligenberg e.V.

or donations account:

Homa-Hof Heiligenberg e. V.
Sparkasse Salem-Heiligenberg
IBAN: DE39690517250002042356


Help against wind turbines

In the immediate vicinity of the farm three large wind turbines were built, others are being planned. They affect our work very much and cause great harm to nature, to rare animals (such as the red kite) and above all to us humans - and that without any significant benefit. Wind turbines are completely inefficient. Almost 30,000 plants in Germany have so far not been able to replace a single nuclear or coal-fired power plant. Our nature is pointlessly destroyed, residents are irresponsibly damaged. For more information and suggestions on how you can help, please read "Aufruf wegen unserer Erfahrungen mit den Windkraftanlagen Hilpensberg"(German) with a link to the flyer of the citizens' initiative "Mensch Natur – Oberer Linzgau".


We sincerely thank you for your support and help.

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