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9th Summer Meeting at the Homa-Hof on 6th July, 2019

This year we are particularly pleased about the announced visit of Dr. Purushottam Rajimwale. Purushottam is the grandson of Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj, generally affectionately called Shree. Shree lived and worked in Shivapuri and Akkalkot, two places of great spiritual importance. In addition to the temples there is also an ayurvedic health center, which was founded by the grandfather of Shree.

Purushottam grew up in Shivapuri and experienced Shree personally. Purushottam studied medicine and holds a master's degree in ayurvedic medicine. Today, he manages the estate on site in Akkalkot and Shivapuri and directs the Ayurvedic clinic. In the course of his work, he founded a nonprofit organization, which, among other things, maintains a school, where Homa fires are performed daily. He is also director of an Institute of Vedic Sciences and gives lectures on Ayurvedic medicine.

Purushottam shares his knowledge about Agnihotra, the Fivefold Path and Ayurveda. In the past he has visited the Homa-Hof several times and we developed a warm friendship within the Homa family. Thus, we are looking forward to an informative and interesting afternoon.

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