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´Agnihotra – Origin, Practice and Applications`

The German book ´Agnihotra – Ursprung, Praxis und Anwendungen` by Horst and Birgitt Heigl is a comprehensive book about Agnihotra and is published in the 5th German edition. Again and again, there was a demand for an English edition to enable a worldwide distribution.


Agnihotra Book



Now the time has come: After a professional translation into English, ´Agnihotra – Origin, Practice and Applications’ will appear as a print version and e-book.

Planned release date July 2020

From the content:

  • The origin of Agnihotra and its revival
  • The amazing geometry of the Agnihotra pyramid
  • The practice
  • Further fire techniques (Yajnas)
  • The operating principle of Agnihotra
  • Many examples of applications (Homa Therapy) for plants, animals and humans
  • Studies by scientists
  • Experience reports from all over the world
  • Agnihotra and spiritual development
  • and much more

The authors have been practicing Agnihotra for decades and have made numerous visits directly to the source, Shree Gajanan Maharaj, who has revived the Vedas and Agnihotra. Shree once emphasized that the true meaning of Agnihotra would be given in Germany and blessed the author, Horst Heigl, with the 'flame of knowledge'.

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Orders can probably be placed in our Online-Shop from July.


Participate at home in the
24 hour Yajna for Shree's birthday
on May 16 and 17, 2020

Every year, on May 17th, we honor the birthday of Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj - reverentially called ‘Shree’.

Many know him as the Avatar in the Age of Pollution, who brought help in the form of purifying Yajna fires like Agnihotra. Throughout his life, he devoted himself to the well-being of mankind. In 1969, he gave a message, which was broadcast by an Indian radio channel:

It is our desire that the Kingdom of Heaven descends on earth.
Let there be peace and prosperity on the planet.
Be engrossed in the practice of Yajna, Daan, Tapa, Karma, Swadhyaya.
This is the Eternal Religion (Satya Dharma).

This statement touches us all the more as we know that an Avatar is always connected to the supreme Light.

Due to the restrictions, a personal meeting at the Homa-Hof is not possible this year. But we take the opportunity to honor this day together and conduct a 24-hour OM Tryambakam Yajna, in which you can participate with your own Yajna fire at home! This video shows the performance of OM Tryambakam Yajna.

We are planning to start the Yajna on May 16th at 8:30 p.m. CEST. This time corresponds to midnight in Shivapuri and Akkalkot. The Yajna will continue until 8:30 p.m. on May 17th.

We have published an online Yajna list for this purpose, which you are welcome to subscribe to - even several people per hour. It will be nice if you register with your first name and the nearest larger city, so that data protection is respected and everyone can see where Yajnas are taking place.

Many of us take a moment to start together at 8:30 p.m., to finish together, and to perform one hour of Yajna during this period.

Please send or post us some nice pictures of the fire and your Yajna location.

We are looking forward to this beautiful joint event!

Current situation

We have summarized various tips for a good resilience in our newsletter.

In our newsletter we recommend the performance of OM Tryambakam Yajna. This video shows the performance of this Yajna:

New on YouTube   Agnihotra Horst Heigl Films

Horst Heigl Films


It was always a matter of particular concern to Horst Heigl, the initiator of the Homa-Hof, to share his many experiences and his knowledge with others. Therefore, he started filming with a Super 8 camera in 1976. Even though the recordings are not always convincing in terms of film quality, the contents are so even more. They are contemporary time documents of particular value. From 2019, the films were revised, partially newly dubbed and released on a new YouTube-Kanal.

The following films feature Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj:

Gilded Agnihotra Pyramid 1984

This film shows Horst Heigl having Shree’s darshan in 1984, where Horst presented a gilded Agnihotra pyramid to Shree as a symbol of gratitude and reverence. Horst Heigl traveled to Shree 33 times and was able to experience high spiritual knowledge directly at the source. Horst recognized it as his life task to pass on this knowledge for the benefit of humans and the earth.

Somayaga - Healing Energy and Purification for the World - 1978

This film shows footage of the Somayaga in 1978 that was performed in the presence of Shree in Solapur, Maharashtra, India. A Somayaga is an extraordinary Yagna that lasts several days. It was the second Somayaga after about 2500 years.





We invite you to take a look at
our summer meeting
on 6th July, 2019

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