Review of the 8th International Summer Meeting for Agnihotris on 7th July 2018


It was so nice at the 8th Summer Meeting at the Homa-Hof!

On 7 July we had invited you for the eighth summer meeting and hundreds of you came from near and far.

Visitors from distant Colombia or even China, as well as our dear neighbours from Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, France and also visitors from other countries contributed to making it a colourful international meeting. Therefore, also an English-language introduction to the Homa-Hof and the special Homa cultivation method was given. In the days before, the rain, so important to nature, had fallen. On Saturday the Homa-Hof shone in bright sunlight, and we enjoyed the pleasant summer temperatures.


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There was a great deal of interest in the well-known program items and various stands. For children and adults alike, we offered two performances of a meaningful puppet show for the first time. Even the youngest children listened quietly, applauded enthusiastically and left the performance with a smile on their faces.

This year we also celebrated two special anniversaries with the summer meeting: Shree, to whom we owe the revival of Agnihotra in its present form and the Fivefold Path, was born 100 years ago, on 17 May 1918, and the Homa-Hof was established 30 years ago. In a separate program on Shree's life and work, members of the Homa-Hof who had had the great opportunity to personally meet Shree shared their experiences. The big info-tent was not enough to accommodate all those interested, but before and after there was plenty of opportunity to talk about Shree and his work. We and the visitors were particularly pleased that Horst and Birgitt Heigl - the initiators and spiritual leaders of the Homa-Hof - were present at the meeting and spent much time meeting and talking to the visitors. Some had already read the recent autobiography of Horst Heigl, which describes his long journey in search of masters and, finally, his encounters with Shree at the end of the search that continue to shape his entire life to this day.

After the program and good talks people took a rest on the meadow, and many shared their food with others in the sense of the Fivefold Path. As the sun dipped to the horizon, more and more visitors poured into the designated meadow area to calm down and prepare the evening Agnihotra. Some had only seen reports and pictures yet, but being there and experiencing how touching it is when hundreds of the small beneficial fires burn at sunset and all sing the mantra together - this atmosphere of finest energy, a spirit of loving connectedness, harmony and deep peace is simply indescribable and the beautiful vibration will go on resonating for a long time.

We thank all those who did again support this meeting for the benefit of man and nature, by their visit and their own Agnihotra fire and by much help in preparing, during the meeting and by helping to clean up on Sunday. Visitors and helpers are all invited to come back to Homa-Hof. Our greetings go to those as well who could not be here this year. The Homa-Hof is a very special place in every season, and the next Agnihotra introductory seminar will take place soon (on the 12th of August, this time on a Sunday).