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This year we are particularly pleased about the announced
visit of Dr. Purushottam Rajimwale.
Purushottam is the grandson of Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj [1].

Shree lived and worked in Shivapuri and Akkalkot, two places of great spiritual importance [2]. In addition to the temples there is also an ayurvedic health center, which was founded by the grandfather of Shree. At that time destitute needy people were treated free of charge.

Purushottam grew up in Shivapuri and experienced Shree personally. Purushottam studied medicine and holds a master's degree in ayurvedic medicine. Today, he manages the estate on site in Akkalkot and Shivapuri and directs the Ayurvedic clinic. In the course of his work, he founded a nonprofit organization, which, among other things, maintains a school, where Homa fires are performed daily. He is also director of an Institute of Vedic Sciences and gives lectures on Ayurvedic medicine.

Purushottam shares his knowledge about Agnihotra, the Fivefold Path and Ayurveda. In the past he has visited the Homa-Hof several times and we developed a warm friendship within the Homa family. Thus, we are looking forward to an informative and interesting afternoon.


[1] Generally affectionately called Shree
[2] See picture books "Akkalkot – Das Guru Mandir" and "Shivapuri"


We would be happy about several hundreds of Agnihotra fires in the evening as they burnt in the years before.
Please bring your own Agnihotra kit and a cushion or blanket to sit on.

The program booklet will be published here shortly before 6th of Juliy, 2019.
Here the program booklet for summer meeting 2018 in german as pdf (6,8 MB)

Picture gallery of summer meeting 2018


Registration and info at

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone +49 7552 938760
Homa-Hof, Oberhaslach 6, 88633 Heiligenberg, Germany
Geo coordinates:
Latitude 47.85693
Longitude 9.29344

Arrival and overnight stay

Arrival descriptions, addresses for accommodation and camping sites can be found under "Informations > Information for Visitors".

Please use the nearby camping sites in the area. At Homa-Hof we have only limited possibilities for an overnight stay in a tent, caravan or camper. When registering, please ask if there are still pitches available. At Homa-Hof there is no possibility for supply and disposal.

Maybe you can offer a ride to the summer meeting or you are looking for one yourself? In the Agnihotra Community you can join with other Agnihotris and organize rides to the Homa-Hof.


Please bring your own food (vegetarian, no alcohol) for afternoon and evening. Would you also like to share it with others?

We will offer you tea, Homa-Hof apple juice and fresh well water. Please bring your own coffee in a thermos flask. In the sense of the Fivefold Path, we would also like to see the summer meeting as an opportunity for everyone to get involved in the practical implementation and thus experience the joy of sharing. As we have no mobile dishwasher this year, please also bring your own tableware for use during the meeting.


The responsibility remains with the parents throughout the event. There is a meadow available for games. In particular, the pond and the acreage are no children's play area. For school-age children we offer time-limited activities.


The entire farm is non-alcoholic and non-smoking area.
Please do not enter the "grove" which is a retreat for animals. Do not leave the paths.


We kindly ask you to respect that pets (dogs) can only stay in a small, limited area. Please walk the dogs outside the Homa-Hof area and dispose dog waste.